Dear Remainer MP,

At the Nuremberg trials the commonest excuse given by the defendants was that they were acting under orders. It wasn’t an excuse that anyone accepted then, and it isn’t now. The next election is maybe several years away but the current instability being produced by Brexit may well produce one within a month or two. Philip Hammond has spent most of this year trying to find ways of dealing with the ‘black holes’ in his spreadsheet collectively known as  ‘Brexit Challenges’.

Whatever anyone thought or voted for last June, certain things are clear: The economy is suffering badly; the Pound has dropped causing price inflation, big employers are leaving including two car plants and Lloyds, farmers can’t find labour to harvest crops. Farmers are also discovering that the single payment on which so many of them depend for about a third of their income is paid by the EU and will cease. Our universities will lose access to Erasmus scheme which will damage them significantly. Peace in Ulster is suffering and the break-up of the UK is now visibly in progress. The IMF, CBI, major banks and most economists are predicting outcomes that vary from bleak to dire. Our own Treasury are predicting a downturn of 10%, which is about twice the impact of the Credit Crunch.

In short, the outcome of the second key Bill that is being rushed through the Commons, is causing a self-made catastrophe for Britain. It is unbelievable that something with such far reaching consequences has being rushed through with no time for proper debate and scrutiny. As Article 50 ticks away and hard Brexit appears ever more inevitable, the current trickle of stalled investments and company departures is accelerating, chronically damaging Britain’s ability to participate in global and European supply chains and maintain the stability of the Pound. Financial experts are predicting further falls in the Pound leading to further severe inflation and rising unemployment. Afterwards the whole situation will receive a great deal of scrutiny. Who took which decision will be remembered and publicised, including yours.

The Brexit referendum was one of the dirtiest campaigns in British election history, including some clear lies such as the ‘£ 350m extra for the health service’, made up pictures of streams of refugees and most recently, social media manipulation, quite possibly with Russian involvement. There are also arguably sinister motives on the part of some newspaper magnates and other wealthy individuals to ruin the British economy and sell it off cheap, including the NHS.  There are several prosecutions in progress being reported against the head of the Leave campaign and Boris Johnson.  Had the truth been told the outcome would almost certainly have been very different, so to regard such a marginal result from such a dirty campaign as ‘the will of the people’ is patent nonsense.

You still have a chance to re-think your position (deciding where you stand between now and next Monday wouldn’t be a bad idea). You have a duty to do what you think is best for the country based on the latest information, not what you think may placate the gutter press, your party leader or a few extremists. The gutter press will be the first to condemn you for the outcome of what they pushed you into doing. Neither Jeremy Corbyn nor Theresa May will save you from the harsh realities of the damage that Brexit will cause, the judgement of your constituents, your friends, your conscience or your children.

Part of the Brexit campaign was to promise access to ‘lucrative deals’ outside the EU. There clearly aren’t going to be any. Canada, China and India have all said that Brexit damages their relationship with the UK, not strengthens it. Trump’s only trade response has been to slap 220% customs duty on an import from Northern Ireland. Given that and his mantra of ‘America First’ makes it quite clear that he is regarding an increasingly isolated and weakened Britain as a toy he can abuse. The US Chamber, who seem to have better things to do than listen to Trump, have also issued a damning indictment of US future investment in the UK post Brexit. We can already trade with countries outside the EU anyway, as Germany and other EU countries do very successfully.

I’m sorry if this letter comes across as being either brutal or harsh but sadly this reflects the harshness of the situation.  If next week you are prepared to block Brexit, demand access to impact studies which Theresa May is obviously hiding or at least demand  a proper and public  review of before deciding whether or not to withdraw Article 50 , this could be your finest hour!

Thank you for reading this letter.

Kind regards,

Guy Fraser

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